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We are stronger when given opportunities to participate and engage in a setting where we can gain fresh skills and training in a industry or area of life. That is yet untried doing so surronded by knowledge, equipment and artists with a fresh perspective. With that in mind would you like to take the jump?


Learn A New Skill:

Have you always had a curiousity for ceramics or the clay medium and didn't know where to start? Or do you just want something fun to do in your spare time?


Then I can offer introductory sessions into hand building, throwing, glazing, slip casting. As part of a evening, half - day/full day workshop. So weather its a individual or group workshop then contact me, outlining what you wish to cover and I can provide further details.

Or head over to my Pottery Workshop Page to discover available dates, prices and how to book!



I've said it before and I will say it again! You can break barriers within your own practise but imagine what you can accomplish when crossing idea's within medium and method across material discipline.

So if you wish to collab on a project to get out of your comfort zone or just like me, just starting out and want to go for coffee. To meet a friendly face, exchange ideas, tips etc. Then I would love to hear from you, regardless of being an establish artist or just starting out!

If you wish to arrange: 

A Workshop or Collaboration then contact me at the email address or via my social media links below!

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