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Current News/Events:

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please pop in!

Rainbow Craft Fair - Stall Dates:

  • 14th October 2023

  • 21th October 2023

Brighton Unitarian Church, New Rd, Brighton BN1 1UF, UK​

Brighton Craft Fair - Stall Dates:

  • 28th October 2023

  • 25th November 2023

  • 16th December 2023

​Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF.

I've recently been granted the opportunity to work with Potter Mohamed Hamid, who has years of experience behind him, giving me valuable experience in the field. Where my horisons have been broadened, views and work both expanded and challenged, an experience I could of never have done without. So if you get a mo, please do come in and chat!

Pottery Assistant to Craftsman Mohamed Hamid,
 October 2022 - Present,
Star Pottery, Star Brewery, Fisher Street, Lewes
East Sussex, BN7 1YJ.

Past Events and Exhibitions:

Sorry You Missed Me!

9th June - 7th July 2022, University For The Creative Arts, Farnham Campus: Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey. 

GLIMPSE EXHIBITION - Ceramic, Glass, Jewellery Work in Progress Show: 
13th Feburary - 17th February 2022, Daniel's Hall, 2 Long Garden Way, Farnham, Surrey. 

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