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Contaminated Exsistance Series:

Sustainabiltiy is the foundation of which this project is built on. 68 million tonnes of ceramic waste is sent to landfill sites across the globe every year. FACT. A figure which will keep on rising. In order to tackle this well established practise the aim of this series was to create a sustainable and reusable work ethic as a matter of principal. An ethic on which I wish to build my practise going forward and in order to combat this shocking figure, I began to collect various types of abandoned clay left discarded around the workshop gathering left overs from both my own work and other ceramicists. From which I developed a unique process to represent the crippling, erreversable cause and effect we have on the environment around us, shown through the way in which I dry out my clay left overs into bonedry chunks to fracture and puncture the surface of my thrown vessel whilst turning the items on the wheel. But rather then removing the material apparatus, I leave them attached to reflect the gnarled human condition that grinds out any preconditioned image for the sake of human progress.

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