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Figurative Decay Series:

At different stages of our lives we have all had to come to terms with personal relationship break down, weather thats in the form a loved one, friendship or within our own family. Leaving us in a vunerable position, questioning who we are as individuals without the external third party participants. Placing us in a defining situation as we reconsider and reform ourselves in the wake of accusations, whilst most importantly consider if we believe what is said as well as truely mean what we say of others.

Yet i've discovered through this new series that we are blinded by the personal internal conflict in our lives, however we as human beings are a complicated species. Becoming caught up in the toxic nature of events that feeds a destructive cycle of termoil, impacting the way we live our lives and the surroundings we live in. As a result it over flows into the environment our actions become a redirected leak put in the back of our minds, until the damage done becomes a reflection of us and the act we need to clean up. 

In conclusion this project for me ties together my Industrial Waste series and Geomorphology Series as a three part saga, where I've come to realise the beauty of the landscape in which we live. The never ending damage that is inflicted on it, the influences that cause it, the real explination behind the damage done and the sustainable plans put into place to balance the life style we lead. Producing a more harmonious structural landscape for all to enjoy instead.